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Turkish Golf Tourism Set to Soar

Turkey is currently undergoing preparations to becoming the next European golf tourism hotspot. The present lack of operating courses in comparison to typical golfing destinations such as Spain and Portugal, is soon to be rectified with major expansion plans for Turkey.

The majority of courses currently present in the country are connected to hotels in the Belek area of the Mediterranean coast, with one course also operating in Bodrum. The remaining courses are located in Istanbul.

The tourism council understands the attraction of golf tourism to European visitors and property investors, creating plans to transform the country into a key golfing destination. The Turkish Golf Federation has designed plans for the creation of 100 courses within 4 years, aimed at generating returns of US$ 1 billion per year.

The holding of the 2010 European Challenge Tour in Belek provides an exciting opportunity for the introduction of golf tourism for Turkey. The tournament is also expected to provide a fantastic experience for Turkish amateurs of the sport and draw mass appeal to the awareness of golf tourism in Turkey.

Although new courses are planned for several areas including Ankara and Istanbul, the touristic appeal of the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines is expected to continue drawing attention to Turkey’s buy-to-let and investment market. Development of new courses to championship standards will assist in the potential for Turkey to hold major international tournaments in the future.

Currently Turkey has a dozen 18-hole golf courses in the planning stages, ideal for assisting the transformation of the country into a preferred golfing destination. Luxury buy-to-let properties constructed in the vicinity of golf course enable exceptional returns in an already sought-after destination. Owners of properties in preferred locations can expect higher than average yield returns, along with increased potential for short term tenants.

As awareness of golf tourism increases in Turkey, investors are snapping up properties in key locations to ensure the greatest mid to long term capital growth potential. Providing buyers with the products suited to their highest demands is beneficial for increased foreign investment, tourism and overall awareness for future growth and sustainability.

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